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Scholarship Recipients

Scholarship Recipients

The hope is that after reading these bio sketches, you will be both inspired and honored to donate to the Hope Fund. You can take great pride in assisting deserving Vallejo High graduates in their college years.



Meisha Garnett 

Very persevering. Started at Davis. Had to change to Napa Valley College and got an AA in Social and Behavioral Science. Currently attending Cal as an American Studies major. On track to graduate next spring.



Johann Alcaraz 

Expedited graduation from UC Berkeley in Dec of 2012. Recently accepted into MBA program. Working at a law firm on San Francisco and taking paralegal training. Considering law school.


Charell Clemons

Still working towards nursing career. Earned Certified Nursing Assistant certificate and has worked with assisted living patients.



Steve Brown   

In his 5th year at Sacramento State.



Anzjenique Adams 

EOPS student at Solano CC. Made the Dean's List last year. Applying for transfer this Fall 2016


Bruce Dickson

Successfully completed his EMT Certification in Vallejo. Transferred from Lane CC in Oregon to Portland State Univeristy. Starts at PSU in Fall 2016.



Chi Huynh

Junior kinesiology major at San Jose State; highly active in her sorority.


Sean Taylor

Junior at Utah State, full athletic scholarship for men's football.


Gina Harrison

Graduated UC Riverside, currently studying for Teaching Credential at Chico State


Alejandra Nuñez

Recently completed Certified Nurse's Assistant program at Vallejo Nursing School



Jazzmon Crawford     

Sophomore at CSU East Bay. Just made the Dean's List!



Tyre Ramot    

Solano CC student. Works for Vallejo C.U.S.D. Applying for transfer Fall 2017



For all Hope Scholarship students, please pass along education information and current status. If you desire, we can add your profile here. There is sometimes scholarship money available for continuing Hope Scholarship students. Call!