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Helping to Provide College Access Assistance


The Vallejo Hope Scholarship Fund continues working to improve Vallejo High and the City of Vallejo by assisting Vallejo High graduates with financial aid for their college years. Since inception in 2004 and through 2016, the Hope Scholarship Fund has provided college financial aid to 34 Vallejo High students.


Success in college starts with a student’s high school commitment. Students must take required college bound courses. Students must also become knowledgeable about who they are and what college will best help with their career goals. Through this process students visit potential local colleges, are assisted with FAFSA and college applications, learn ACT and SAT testing techniques, and receive information about EOP and other college tutoring programs.


College readiness information and advising regarding all the above mentioned areas is available to Vallejo High students through their school College Advisor, Willie B Adkins Project, and PACT.


Hope Scholarship recipients are typically students who have participated in one of the above college readiness programs.


The Vallejo Hope Scholarship Fund wants students to clearly understand that they can make college a part of their future.

Leverage and Value

Please Help! For every dollar ($1) you donate, Hope finds on average five dollars ($5) of additional scholarship money.

You can make checks payable to: 10000Degress, and mail to
10,000 Degrees
1650 Los Gamos Drive, Suite 110
San Rafael, CA 94903

Or, you can use the DONATE button below:
1) Click on Donate (Goes to 10,000 Deg.) Funds.
2) Click on Type: Donor Advised
3) Click on Program: Vallejo High Hope

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